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Airsoft RI has finally gone live. We’re back and looking to improve the organization with in the state.

This site is here for you, the players. We want to ensure that when you want to play, there’s a game for you to play at. When you want to shop for a new Airsoft Replica or gear, you can go to a local store and try something out. Most of all, we want to prove Rhode Island has some of the best Airsoft players and teams in the Country, if not the world. Thank you for visiting, and please sign up on our forums!

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Feb 19th @ Extreme Complex

Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:11 pm // 0 comments // Castle

Sunday, Feb 19th 2012
10:00 – 18:00 Hours
Extreme Sports Complex
Wakefield, RI


Red Haven will be attending an event hosted by the folks at Extreme Complex this Sunday, Feb 19th. There will be a 1920s Mobster theme for the day with prize(s) going to the best costume(s).

As an added bonus, the doors will be opened early at 9AM that day for training purposes. Red Haven will be offering a training course to ANY operators that show up on the basics of team movement and communication principles as they apply to close quarters combat.

Team Pride and Respect

Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:43 pm // 3 comments // Phoenix

I am a Firefighter.

Yes, I am proud to say that I’m a firefighter and an EMT, and out of all of that, I am still an Airsofter. I run a team, ShadowNET. Lately we’ve been silent, we haven’t really shown our faces on fields because life has taken over, and because there are things we need to work out before we go back out on the field. Times are tough for everyone, and it’s no surprise that some of us are discouraged by this and would want to just do their own thing because members of their team aren’t really participating as much. Let me say this: Stick With Your Team.

Take pride in your team.

You’re with them for a reason. Either because you’ve all been friends for a long time, or because you tried out and they accepted you, one way or another you’ve formed a bond and a friendship with people on your team. You guys know each other and know how to work together through the worst possible scenarios. Together, you are “Delta” as some would like to say.

In the fire and rescue service, one thing above all things that I’ve learned is to be proud of what I do. I’m proud to put on my badge every time I go to the station to take on an evening or overnight deal. I take pride in the equipment I use and the people who I work with and run into some of the worst situations with. I have earned a degree of respect from my second family, and that didn’t come overnight.

Pride and Respect are almost one and the same. You can be proud of something only once you and everyone else respects it. And to respect something you need to show pride in it as well.

Respect is the first topic of this month’s article.

You can’t demand respect. You earn it. I’m sure everyone that’s reading this has already heard that quote a thousand times and some may already understand it. But for those who don’t, it’s simple. You can’t go in expecting people to respect you. You have to show to everyone that you’re worthy of it and can hold your own and stand your ground while being respectful to others. The best way you can gain respect, is by treating others with the degree of kindness and respect you would want. Once you can show that you are honest, work hard for the objectives, are a good sport, and help someone out in a kind and respectful manner, that sticks with people. It sticks with them and you start earning their respect towards you. Sooner or later, you’ll start seeing people talk about you and your team and how they want to see more of you. You may be personally invited to specific events or asked to help out with a part of an Op or Skirmish day that they think you’re capable of.

Respect for you then builds respect for your team as each member of the team stands out from the rest of the community. And once you reach a level of respect, you can be proud of the team you’re on.

Pride is not boastfulness. It’s caring about something and knowing that you have done well, and are looked up to. Not everyone gains respect, and because you did the right things, you now have the respect of many others who see you.

There are those who will start talking trash and cause trouble and cheat, and those are the people we should either teach the correct behavior to, or tell them to stand on the outside looking in. After all, as a group you are a team, a presence who’s reputation can be one to be proud of, or ashamed of.

For those trouble makers, it’s up to everyone on the team to keep them in check. If a team has a command structure, people in command should set the standards and remind everyone of the standard necessary to run correctly and to keep the respect of the people who already respect you. Keep the pride.

I personally will not tolerate anyone on my team breaking the rules. And it has occurred on a few instances where I’ve had to remove someone from the team due to their behavior. It’s never easy, it’s never something I would want to do. It’s a tough decision but it’s one that is necessary. You want to keep the team as Drama-Free as possible, and as respectful towards others as possible.

So basically what I’m encouraging everyone to do this month is to be proud of your team. Be proud of your call sign. Wear that name tape, that team patch, and that team shirt with pride and your head high, because in the long run, you will become the mentors of the players of tomorrow. Don’t be the team or player that gets the black smudge for cheating or trash talking, or behaving inappropriately on the field. Show the community at large that there is a reason why you’re part of the team you’re on and a reason why you play pretend war.

Relax. Unwind. Shoot Something. Respect. Take Pride In Who And What You Are.

First Rhode Island Team Talks – Feb. 4 (TBD)

Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:56 pm // 2 comments // Phoenix

Time and date are subject to change.

This meeting is to help all the teams in RI to be able to have a voice in how Airsoft is run in RI. We are the players, and we have the power to improve everything we see is lacking. Team leaders, you are all invited as you are in charge of each of your teams. You may have other members attend, all who want to attend are welcome to.

ALL teams are invited. If you know someone who runs a team that is not on the guest list yet, please contact me or invite them. I want to leave nobody out of this!

Teams so far that are included in these talks are:
Red Haven
Chaos Theory
Edgewood Army
Rangers RI Airsoft
Casual Sinners
Howler Company
RI Recon
RI Militia
Coalition Corps

Any issues any team has had with previous teams should be left at the door. This is not a meeting on who is better and who has what. These are talks so we can figure out how to improve the sport in this state.

If you are on Facebook, please make yourself attending this event on facebook at:

Things will never change if we don’t get together and start working out the issues.

I am also going to try and get members from successful communities and states to be present to this. This may or may not work, and I really hope it does. In the meantime, let’s get all of our state’s teams together.

Thank’s a lot for your help and interest on this matter.

The Issue with Airsoft in RI

Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:52 pm // 13 comments // Phoenix

To all the Rhode Island airsoft players:

You know better than anyone that this state has a terrible problem in it when it comes to it’s airsoft community. There are big problems that need to be addressed, and one of them is the issue of severe competition.

If you haven’t heard yet, or if you’re new to the scene, let me explain a few things that come from first hand experiences and heartaches.

This day a year ago I found myself having to make a decision that I still hate being forced to make to this day. There are two airsoft “super powers” in this state that are at odds with each other, and it’s no secret that their competition amongst themselves has created a huge rift in the airsoft industry in the state. Teams who play for fun and compete to improve themselves tend to get hurt by this rift. Sponsorships are given to gain a higher customer base, but people who participate in them are often put in the corner. I will not name those “super powers” as they are probably already ingrained in a lot of minds.

I was told I had to chose “where my loyalties lay” and to “not make deals with the devil”. That, my friends, is not acceptable. Because of the fact that I had ties to two places at the same time, I was told I had to make a decision as to which side I would be affiliated with, and inadvertently, without meaning to, I fell into that rift.

The competition between these “super powers” has stifled the sport in RI. Whether they meant to or not, they caused drama between teams and players, and shunned people for being affiliated with one side or the other for any reason. If someone has business they need to take care of, where they get their gear is important. The players should be able to chose who they’re dealing with without feeling like they’re going to be turned away by one establishment or another. And that is precisely what bothers a lot of players and discourages them from getting the most out of their airsoft experience.

Aligned with that whole topic, is the issue of the fields. It seems, that people who own a field for a sport, who know little to nothing of the sport itself, seem to run it to the ground or make it miserable for the players.

There are two (2) fields in RI right now. Extreme Complex (indoor) and Warzone (outdoor). Both have their benefits and their disadvantages, but one of their biggest disadvantages in the eyes of outside people, is the size. If you want good games to come up here, you need to have the field that will attract the audience that you’re looking for.

Imagine those of us from Rhode Island being able to participate in games the likes of Spring Offensive, Autumn Justice, Gravedigger, and so many more events that routinely get 100+ players to fields every season. Imagine not having to travel to other states to be able to do that, and imagine being able to be proud of the events that this state runs. That’s a great dream, but we don’t have what we need to be able to pull that off.

“What is that?” you may ask.

It’s a field the size and caliber expected by players from all around the region. Size isn’t the only thing that matters. It’s how it’s run, the people who work the field and the people who help organize the events. And of course, it’s the players who make their presence at the fields.

Many of you know I’ve run quite a few events, some more successful than others, but each time, players had fun. Over the last year, I was reduced to traveling to New Hampshire (beautiful state, but still very far away and very taxing on the driving) just to be able to run an event that would attract more than 20-25 people.

So what’s the first step towards doing this and achieving the goal?

Community. Without community and without people helping each other build a better area for the sport, Rhode Island players may as well not even play in the state. Because what we are doing to ourselves is giving up on the state. We are NOT trying to improve anything if we just sit here, alone, wondering when the next big game is going to be.

Guess what. If we don’t have the places or the skill to run those events in RI, you won’t find that next big event here. You won’t be able to have just as much fun at home as you would in other states.

I’m all for going to other events in states not our own, but I know there is a lot of you out there who are DYING to play a game close to home, and want to see something big come out of here.

We need 2 things right now: (1) Teamwork between teams, individuals, and business owners and (2) one big area to hold large scale “pew pew” plastic warfare.

Neither of those things can happen if we don’t get together and help each other out. And you know what? I believe that we all can do this and can make this an amazing state that players from other states will want to come down to in the case of bigger events.

We can do this.

We can achieve a level of excellence that will surpass what we’ve seen here for decades. And I will step up to the plate, and gladly be the first to say that I’m willing to work as hard as necessary to get this community to where it needs to be.

Are you with me?

Warzone is looking to sponsor some teams

Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:57 am // 0 comments // J.Stein

Warzone is under new management and has made an increased commitment to airsoft, building a fully dedicated field (approx. 10 acres) that is open every Saturday and Sunday.

We spent a lot of time building the playing fields, and improving the public areas of the field. We now want to sponsor some airsoft teams to call us home.

We are looking for teams that will help make the field more inviting to new players – teams that demonstrate the right attitude, good sportsmanship and professionalism.

This sponsorship will include discounted entry to the park as well as discounts at Rhode Island Paintball & Airsoft – RI’s premier paintball and airsoft retail store.

If this sounds like you, and you are interested in pursuing a sponsorship, email me at Please do not respond to this thread. When emailing, please include:
• Your contact information
• The structure of your team (Officers, responsibilities…)
• Number of active players
• Number of times playing monthly
• Touchpoints (Facebook? Webpage? Public forums?)